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Pernament exhibition The Gallery of Arts in Nové Zámky
Pernament exhibition – European art of  16th - 20th  century.
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Pernament exhibition – Lájosa Kassáka
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The pernament exhibition of European art was created in 1980 on the basis of the gift from Ernest Zmeták and Danica Zmetáková.Originally it was located in the premises of the gallery in the building of the Municipal Office.Since 2004 it has been installed in the new building of the art gallery.The exhibition represents the selection from the vast and qualitatively limited collection activity of E. Zmeták a D. Zmetáková. It includes works from the period of 16th- 20th centuries with emphasis on the central-European  art of the  18th- 19th centuries whose core  is formed by works of Baroque artists /G. B. Piazetta, B. Belotto, P. Troger, J.P. Sauvage, J.Kohl/.The most integrated parts of the exhibition are represented by the Hungarian art of the 19th-20th centuries.There can be found  several master works by great artists /M. Barabaš, F. Ballassa,A Ligeti, J. Kmetty, V. Aba – Novák , I. Szönyi, J. Egry, A. Bernáth/. The substantial part is represented by the Slovak art of the 19th- 20th centuries  where works of the outstanding personalities of the Slovak art culture / L. Mednyánszky, M. Benka, A. Jaszusch, A.Bazovský , J.Alexy, M.Mudroch, C.Majerník, M.Paštéta, M.Laluha/ are included.Collectors had regurarly renewed the exhibition by new works. The last works were donated in 1994.
European art of The 16th centiry and 1st half of the 19th century
/Renaissance- Baroque-Classicism/

The collection of European art with a rich structure provides the insight the periods from Renaissance to Classicism of the 19th century.
The exhibition of Lajos Kassák was founded on the basis of Klará Kassák’s gift. It first opened to public in 1986 housed by the Art Gallery, introducing a gift of 32 works of art and documentary materials showing Kassák’s literary work and art-organizing activities.
The reinstalled exposition portrays a different view. It focuses on the artist’s works of art. The centre of the exposition is based on the collection of works between 1940 and 1965, when both realistic and abstract works were created. Kassák, at the end of 1940s, lived in inner immigration in Békásmegyer. After a longer pause, he started painting again. Though inspired by the surroundings, he did not become a painter copying the reality. He remained a creative thinker, instinctively giving things an architectural order, expressing himself with proverbial eloquence, in an unusual spontaneous and lyrical way. Not only in symbolic landscapes of Békásmegyer but also in abstract compositions, in which he saw an extension of early picture architectures. From its conical forms instead of defiance, a sort of meditative pathos could be felt, mixing with a sense of finiteness. His works from the 1950s have a diary-like, intimate and reflexive character. Kassák discovered the naïve charm of the vanished childhood. In accelerated retrospective, he painted dreamy records or with lax fictitiousness varied biomorphic forms. Interest in his works started to grow abroad in the early 1960s. A graphics album of early and more modern works was published in Switzerland.
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Miroslav Cipár
26.1.2012 - 17.3.2012
Kurátor: PhDr. Eva Trojanová
Katarína Decsiová
2.2.2012 - 17.3.2012
Kurátor: József R. Juhász

Lajos Kassák-Kassák na fotografiách
22.3.2012 - 21.4.2012
Kurátor: Mgr. Helena Markusková

Frantisek Lozinsky a Block csoport
26.4.2012 - 26.5.2012
Kurátor: Jozef Cseres

Prof. Juraj Meliš, akad. soch.
31.5.2012 - 7.7.2012
Kurátor: Mgr. Magdaléna Klobučníková

Judita Csáderová
12.7.2012 - 8.9.2012
Kurátor: Mgr. Magdaléna Klobučníková

László Mulasics
13.9.2012 - 13.10.2012

Ašot Haas
18.10.2012 - 24.11.2012
Kurátor: Mgr. Ľudmila Kasaj Poláčková

Daniel Fischer
29.11.2012 - 19.1.2013
Kurátor: Mgr. Helena Markusková

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