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The Gallery of Arts in Nové Zámky
1.    Lecturer presentations
2.    Actions related to exhibitions:

January 15 – February 21 2009:
Matúš Lányi – Boris Sirka: Both sides of coin .Workshop: Painting of a picture in two aspects: 1st aspect – Biblical topic, 2nd aspect – depictions from human life. The inspiration might origin in the exhibition itself. (Materials: paper, brushes, watercolours, tempera, pencils)

February 26 – March 28 2009: Dalibor Chatrný. Workshop: Assemblage: work with paper, gluing of paper on surface. The impact is on short forms, symbolism and grotesque. (Materials: paper, scissors, glue, pencils, watercolours, tempera, brushes)

April 2  – May 16 2009:
Ernest Zmeták. Workshop: Painting according to chosen works of Zmeták in various techniques. (Material: paper, pencils, tempera, watercolours, brushes). A discussion related to collecting – what do they collect, what they would collect etc.  

April 16 – May 16 2009: Homage á Vladimír Preclík. Workshop: Creative work with twigs from trees that will be arranged on paper and result in a picture. (Materials: various twigs, paper, wire, tempera, brushes)

May 21 – June 20 2009:
Dávid Baffi – Erik Šille: Two from one...? Workshop: Two from one? A discussion about what unites and separates these artists, depiction of the contemporary town – a reflection how the contemporary town of consumption should look like. (Materials: paper, pencils, brushes, watercolours, tempera)

June 25 – July 30 2009:
Jindřich Štreit. Workshop: discussion related to what would children like to take pictures of – the presence, past, report, interesting objects and situations… Workshop: children will be divided into groups, they will have images of various photographic genres and their task will be to set themselves into poses related to those on the chosen photograph, try to depict the atmosphere of the image and take a photo of themselves. The best photographs will be exhibited. Materials: photographs, camera, accessories: scarves, caps and hats, various objects etc.)

August 6 – September 5 2009:
Eva Cisárová – Mináriková. Workshop: work with interpretation – children choose a detail from some art works and finish it, they create a new interpretation (Materials: paper, pencils, tempera, watercolours, brushes)

September 10 – October 17 2009: PERTU N 8 Klára Bočkayová – Zsófia Pittmann. Workshop: frottage – creation of frottages from common objects. Inspiration drawn from exhibited works, topic: female gender aspects or kitsch. (Materials: paper, coal, colourful pencils)

October 22 – November 28 2009:
Stano Masár – Post. Workshop: paraphrase – a free depiction of a chosen image. (Materials: paper, pencils, tempera, watercolours, brushes)
December 3 – December 31 2009: Peter Kalmus. Workshop: experimenting (Materials: various kinds of materials )

3. Activities with kindergartens:
A visit of the permanent exhibition: each picture has its own story and its own author – interpretation of pictures from the viewpoint of pre–school children.
Workshop: Saving the dog from the picture: creating a story why he is on escape, what might have happened to him and creating a shelter for a stray dog, its concept according to current season.

4. Chamber concerts

5. Music workshops:
concerts for all levels of school education connected with workshops

6. Other events:
-    The night of museums and galleries: whole day work with clay, modelling, a reading on how to use clay, the technology, usage etc.
-    Workshops
-    Lecturer readings
-    Body painting – children try this technique themselves, body painting show
-    Painting in the gallery – on various themes
-    Usage of waste paper (newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper), how painting in the era of Baroque, Rococo and

Renaissance altered and thus how fashion altered – according to samples of dresses of those eras from the permanent exhibition. Children are divided into groups and one group member is dressed in an old era dress according to given image. Dre dresses will be created from waste paper, newspapers, magazines by gluing, cutting etc. Fashion show and evaluation of created models.
Day of cultural heritage: music concerts

7. Workshops related to following days: Valentine´s Day, Mothers´ Day, Fathers´ Day, Easter, Christmas etc.
Discussion events.